Veggie Patch: Paying a professional vs. Doing it yourself

DIY Vegetable Patches

Many people start a vegetable patch. They like to do it themselves as they are keen to save money or perhaps have a little extra time on their hands. Vegetables do need a lot of attention however so it’s not simply a matter of planting them and waiting for the results. You’ll need to regularly water them, monitor the soil, prune and maintain the plants – whatever the weather. Day to day life often gets in the way and vegetable patches often become neglected and overgrown.

Vegetable Garden with Lettuces

Hiring a Professional

You may have liked the idea of picking all the vegetables yourself, and the best thing about hiring a professional to help with your vegetable patch is that you can! You just don’t need to do as much of the hard work in the background.

Having a vegetable garden means that you’re likely to be saving money on produce and hiring a professional doesn’t need to be extravagant. You may even avoid making expensive mistakes as well as seeing a better yield from your vegetables when you hand over the running of the vegetable patch to a professional.

If you happen to be away for a weekend or head off on holiday, you’ll know that things will be taken care of and a professional gardener will always do their best to limit any vegetables lost due to rotting or late harvesting.

Just like if you liked in Adelaide and needed knee surgery, you would hire a professional Adelaide knee surgeon! Not an amateur!

Learning from the best

Chances are you’ll learn a huge amount from hiring a professional to help with your vegetable patch. As experts, they’ll be able to advise you on advanced specifics such as the soil quality of your garden and which vegetables will grow best. Check out local companies that specialise in building veggie patches and other outdoor entertaining areas like

They’ll be able to give you tips that will help you get the maximum amount of vegetables with the highest flavour. Best of all, your vegetable patch will stay well maintained allowing you to sit back and reap the rewards.

5 characteristics of a top notch solar company

It’s a big decision figuring out which solar company you should choose.

For Adelaide solar systems, there are so many adverts, with each company claiming to be better than the others, and online research can be overwhelming when you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for.

Try to stay calm and figure out exactly what your needs are, then bear in mind these top characteristics to find the best solar company for you.

solar panels adelaide


  1. Safety First

The absolute priority is that whichever company you choose should be legal and have all the necessary accreditation. In order to get certain government rebates, you’ll need solar panel certificates –which any reputable company will be able to provide you with.

These certificates are proof that all the necessary tests have been carried out on the panels, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

  1. Think Long Term for Your Solar Panels

You don’t want to find yourself ten years down the line with a problem with your solar panels, yet no one who you can turn to in order to get it fixed.

You need to make sure that the solar company you choose to go ensures that your panels have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 25 years. You also want to feel confident that your solar company will be available if you need changes to your panels or help in the future.

You’ll also need to think about finding the right electrical contractor to perform your electrical duties once you have the solar power installed.

  1. Find a Local Solar Panel Installer

The best option is to go with a company that is local to your property. Not only will this mean that you’re likely to have a face to face contact, but you’ll also know where to go if things go wrong.

Steer clear of foreign solar companies even if they do seem appealing due to the prices that they offer. Remember that if you do end up claiming on a warranty, it’ll be far easier if your solar company are within Australia and ideally close by.

solar panels


  1. Home Visits

A top notch solar company will visit your home and figure out the best solar options for you. Any company that claims to be able to offer advice from afar should be approached with caution. In particular companies should be looking at where the solar panels will be mounted and assessing for dangers such as wind, heavy rain and cyclones. A home visit will allow engineers to advise the best positioning of the solar panels to optimise your output.

  1. Don’t rush your decision

Avoid hard selling at all costs. If a company tries to pressure you into making a decision that you’re not entirely comfortable with, the chances are they’re not as top notch as they may seem. Take as long as you need to come to your conclusions and always ask questions. In my personal experience, I have had great service from And just called them for a second quote solar panels for my shed! I’ll blog how it goes once completed!

Questions to Ask Your Solar Panel Installer

Figuring out which solar panels to buy for your home can be confusing. A good installer can help you by answering the simple questions on solar panels incentives through to helping you make decisions best for your home. Take the stress out of solar panel installation by finding the right installer for you, and starting a list of questions that you need them to answer.

solar panels

Money Talks

The main questions that you’re likely to want to ask your solar panel installer will be regarding the costs related to this process. Don’t be afraid to set budgets and boundaries as you need to be 100% certain this this system will work for you.


  • Return Time:

    This will depend on the size of your solar system however the rate of return is generally between 5-7 years. Ask your solar panel installer for an estimate of how long they would expect you to have to wait before seeing a return on your investment.

  • Solar panel start up costs:

    Up front costs can seem overwhelming at first but ask your solar panel installer to explain to you how you may benefit from feed in tariffs or different systems. Your installer may be able to offer advice about how to maximize your roof space and generate the optimum amount of electricity.

  • Solar panel financial incentives:

    It’s usually pretty worthwhile investing in solar panel installation. There are several schemes run by the Federal Government including the Solar Credit Scheme, which aim to reduce the overall cost of installation of solar panels. Selling excess energy back to energy providers can also be profitable so double check these with your solar panel installer to help your budgeting.


Safety First

  • Always check that your solar panel installer has a good track record: don’t be afraid to have a look at online reviews or previous examples of work that the installers have done to reassure yourself that you’re choosing the right people for the job.
  • Any solar panel installer should be accredited with the Clean Energy Council
  • Ask your installer what cable they’ll be using for your solar panel installation – the wrong one can be costly and damage the productivity of your solar panels so it’s good to figure out early on that the installer plans to use the correct DC cable instead of the AC version.
  • Make sure you’ll be fully covered by asking your solar panel installer about any manufacturer warranties and how claims will be handled. You want to know that you won’t be left on your own once the panels are installed.


Time Scales: Solar Panel Installation and Beyond solar panels home

You’ll be keen to know exactly how long it will take from making your decision, to having your solar panels fully installed and up and running. This can vary hugely between solar panel installers (often by up to 3 months). Make sure you have a good idea of time scales before you commit.

Ask your solar panel installer to estimate how long your system will be fully functioning for. This should not be less than 25 years and with good installation, you should expect minimal maintenance or repair work for your system.


Your home, your needs, your solar panel

In order for a solar panel installer to be able to answer your questions with the most accurate answers possible, they’ll need to know a bit about your personal circumstances.

Find out your household’s previous energy consumption (usually referred to in kWh) by looking at your electricity bills or contacting your Electricity Retailer. Once you know this, you can ask your solar panel installer how it would compare against what the yield would be of the potential solar panels they would recommend for you.

It sounds simple but you also need to make sure that the panels will be facing the right way. It’s hard to imagine that 91% of residential solar panels face the wrong way during peak hours!